HSM crane tip control

Increased production and comfort

The intelligent crane tip control xyControl offers forestry machine operators a new dimension in crane control. Demanding work processes of the crane operator are easier, more comfortable and thus quicker to learn with the newly developed crane tip control xyControl.

Experienced machine operators also appreciate the advantages and conveniences using xyControl daily. Faster work processes and increased productivity in combination with a fatigue-free working day are crucial advantages after a minor training period.

How it works

With the HSM crane tip control xyControl, the driver directly controls the movement of the crane tip. The individual hydraulic cylinders are controlled directly by xyControl. With 6 different levels of telescopic share, the driver can individually adapt xyControl to different harvesting situations and timber assortments. The robust crane sensor system is adapted to the rough working environment. The driver can easily switch between conventional boom control and xyControl by a button.

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced wear
  • Direct control of the boom tip motion directions
  • xyControl controls the individual functions main boom, luffing jib and telescopic boom
  • Crane behaviour can be adapted by the operator to the timber assortment and environment
  • End position damping of all joints
  • Reduced vibrations leads to increased operator comfort and durability of the crane
  • Slope adjustment for optimum working
  • Range-dependent speed adjustment
  • Available for forwarders and harvesters